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The Highlands

Inverness, Loch Ness and the Highlands

Nairn is an excellent base for exploring the region as a whole. Loch Ness and the Highlands are fairly close and you can book tours or drive yourself to explore in your own time. If you want to take a trip around a distillery, forget the car.

Some impressive historical attractions are also fairly close so there is no problem filling in your days if you take a holiday in Nairn. Here are just a few ideas of places that you can visit within a short distance of Nairn.

  • The fame of Loch Ness is worldwide. Stories of the Monster have intrigued people for generations and led to films, books and expeditions to find it; to date to no avail. Loch Ness is only an hour’s drive from Nairn and is the second largest of Scotland’s Lochs covering 22 square miles. The deepest point in the Loch is 750 feet so there is quite an expanse of water to search for Nessie.
  • The Highlands themselves are beautiful and there is plenty of information available locally to help you decide routes to take. If you prefer to have guides with local knowledge with you then tours are easy to book.
  • Inverness, with a population of around 70,000 is the closest city to Nairn. It has its own airport for those wishing to fly into the region for a holiday and then hire a car. That provides you with flexibility, just as booking Beach House Nairn or Beach Cottage Nairn from Nairn Holiday Rentals will give you the independence to suit yourself.
  • Historians will know all about Culloden, the final battle in the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion which sought to instal Charles Edward Stuart as King.  It was April 1746 when the Battle was fought fairly close to Inverness. George I had become King under the Act of Settlement after the death of the childless Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch in 1714 and this was the final attempt to wrest the Crown from the Hanoverians.
  • The impressive Fort George was built following the Rebellion; it was the most impressive fortification anywhere at the time, and visitors can still see an interesting landmark with a great collection of arms.
  • The ancient cemetery, Clava Cairns is above the River Nairn. It is thought to be over 4,000 years old, the Bronze Age, and was thought to be sacred for millennia afterwards.

If you decide to spend time in Nairn, you will not be disappointed whatever your interest, and you can indeed play golf in the morning and see some of the region’s history in the same day. However, there should be no reason to  rush because this lovely part of Scotland deserves more.