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Nairn Beach

The Attractions of Nairn Beach

Locals enjoy the miles of golden sands of Nairn Beach all year round. If the wind is chilly in the middle of winter, they simply wrap up warm and still enjoy the setting. The Moray Firth is perhaps a little wilder than during the main holiday season, the weeks of summer. Golfers on nearby Nairn Dunbar will be wearing their waterproofs during those winter days, anything that will keep them warm, but nothing keeps them off the links when the Course is open.

There is always a warming tot after a round of golf in the 19th Hole or a stroll on the beach in a nearby pub, and often a roaring fire. You will soon get the colour back in your cheeks.

While few visitors come specifically for mid-winter, numbers begin to arrive in the spring and the sands that link the land to the Moray Firth are one of Nairn’s main attractions. Whether you stroll along the sands themselves, the dunes or the promenade, you can simply take in the great environment. There is a chance of your catching sight of seals and dolphins in the water at any time. The resident group of bottlenose dolphins know when they have a lovely home. A census has counted up to 130 dolphins within the whole of the Moray Firth and with luck, you will see some leaping out of the water.

You can book a trip into the Moray Firth to get closer, and to give you a better chance to see harbour porpoises and even whales, especially the Minke Whale. Just imagine!

You can pick from a number of coastal walks with a nature reserve to the east at Kingsteps. If you want to get away from things and forget any of your daily problems, the beach is the place to go. It helps you to forget everything except your surroundings. At times in the winter, there is a chance that no one else will be around. That will certainly not be the case on a sunny summer’s day.

The Beach and the Moray Firth are bewitching. If you decide on a holiday in Nairn, why not talk to Nairn Holiday Rentals? You will have flexibility and independence if you book Beach House Nairn, or perhaps Beach Cottage Nairn? Draw back the curtains in the morning and there they will be, Nairn Beach and the Moray Firth.